Society and Responsibility:

We are a group that have a desire to do good in the community and to help to make the world a place to be enjoyable, fair and rewarding to be a part of. We require high standards of our members and are always on the lookout for those who may want to join us.  


In our Area we have many masonic meetings throughout each year with some very old established Lodges and newly formed ones. Most Lodges are formed for specific reasons. Recently a Lodge was formed to bring together those with a connection with the “Services” and has members and ex members or those with a connection with  the Army, Navy, Airforce, Prisons etc 


It is well known that Freemasons raise large amounts of funds for many public Charities, including specific Masonic ones. Millions of pounds are raised and distributed every year, hospices especially being recipients of our efforts.


We meet together regularly in 36 Lodges (Lodges being a group of men not a building) and those meetings take place in our ten Masonic Halls. We have two very large Halls in Fareham and Gosport and eight on the Isle of Wight, look out for open days for a tour one day.

Some of our buildings are used by local charities and other social groups with those raising monies for good causes being particularly welcome.